Sunday, 28 September 2014

There are several laws which are not completely practical So there is no meaning in criticizing prohibition on the plea of practicability So also drop in tourists inflow is on account of bar ban is baseless Tourists are not coming here for drinking and dancing We must focus on pilgrim ,health tourism and other vistas of tourism
Bars are not dealing in liquor only The number of employees affected by the ban can be deployed  on collection for saving schemes for surplus  funds  on account of less spending in bars The number of other state workers show the availability of employment in our state  Considering the reduction in the law and order maintenance cost, health expenses and other social costs due the ban is far higher than the revenue from liquor   The drunkards will spend the extra saving on good causes which in turn will boost other vocations   In short by ban society will gain much and nothing to lose It is our bounden duty to implement the directive principles in constitution regarding prohibition 

The small step for prohibition after six decades of independence is highly appreciable I wonder why leaders of religions, political parties , all those who have good motto for a bright India do not rally for banning liquor

Majority like ban of liquor Major religions ladies are for ban After all why support those few drunkards Remember that liquor is not an essential  commodity  If Money is all important there are so many other evil s such as drug and narcotics ,adultery and adulteration which the society do not approve  so speed up the process of prohibition  for saving all ,our future ,our nation our society©
The suicides, killings, looting, attack on women and children and weak, road accidents, accidents in work places ,rape, loss of efficacy are increasing  On of the main root cause for these evils is drugs and liquor addiction The social costs involved in solving  the aftermath of these are much higher than the revenue derived from liquor
Effective, wide research on the cost benefit analysis of prohibition is needed
A scheme is to be chalked out for rehabilitating those affected by addiction  Why no such programs are not taken up as in the case of AIDS?
Almost all religions are against liquor, then why Imaams, Clergies ,Sanyaasees  are so lethargic on controlling the social evil of drugs and liquor?

Why the youth keep silent against the threat?  Why leaders do not motivate people against this great evil, devil?   

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