Wednesday, 1 April 2015


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is on the increase By the developments in science and technology and economic development more and more such people are finding useful vocation
The care taking, up keep and development of such people individually is a hard task and very impractical
So all responsibility for taking care and development of such people should be treated as a Social Responsibility Research plans should be chalked for this and schemes, be implemented
Disability can be categorized into three broad groups
1) Physical
2) Mental
3) Social
4) The above classification is not mutually exclusive They closely interrelated and depenent The above classes have sub classes Among the classes ,which type of disability is more vulnerable and pathetic is a matter of dispute
5) Among the sub classification, itself has wide variation with regard to intensity of the disability Some may have slight disability and others mav have chronic disability Some have all type of disability in chronic form
Disability should be addressed from all angles
6) Physical condition and mental condition are related Society has a tendency to look down of such people and families having such people
7) Having such people affect the economic and cultural and social life of other members of the family
8) Social handicap leads to mental depression and other deceases
9) Mental Disability is the most vunerable and distressing disability
10) All type of disabilities are not occurred ,not due to the acts of the persons concerned
11) Even in this civilized ,modern world ,there are so many who believe ,such pathetic condition comes ,due to the sins of the concerned,or the forfathers of the concerned In my opinion ,even genetic,disability ,that is the disability by birth is not the aftermath of the acts of the concerned
12) Even the disability ,happened by carelessness should not be judged as the result of the person concerned ,as none will willingly do any thing which make the disabled Think the condition of a mentally,physically woman ,hailing from a downtrodden scheduled tribe How pathetic,it wil be?
13) So the Disability should be addressed from all angles A total approach is the need of the hour for Developing India

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